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Melbourne law firm
Melbourne law firm


We understand that sometimes, despite genuine effort, resolving disputes can become litigious. When problems become litigious people don’t win fights, lawyers do.

Whether you are defending or initiating a claim, we will work closely with you and other experts to develop an impenetrable litigation strategy. We are transparent about the risks, potential pitfalls, and likelihood of success so you can be actively involved in the decisions every step of the way.

We have a strong focus on alternative dispute resolution options to eliminate wasted expenditure and the uncertainty that follows litigation.

There are time constraints and deadlines for starting and responding to claims in Court so prompt action is crucial. Contact us immediately if you are involved in a legal dispute.

Melbourne law firm


We understand the risks that haunt many businesses in the current economic and trading environment that’s why you can rely on our transactional experience, market insight and resources to help you and your business.

We have experience across a broad range of commercial contracts and can help you prepare, negotiate and perform contracts. We take the time to understand your business and the industry it operates in so that we can work out what is most important to you.

Legal Expertise
Legal Expertise
Melbourne law firm


We understand that property is one of the most valuable assets that anyone can own, that is why real property law is a core area of our practice.

It is critical for parties involved in any property dispute to obtain legal advice about their position from the outset, because any step taken amid a property dispute can have a determining effect on the outcome.

The team at Othman Lawyers and Othman Conveyancing have a combined wealth of experience representing vendors, purchasers and interested parties in disputes.

Melbourne law firm


In addition to property dispute litigation and other property related matters, we offer premium conveyancing services to vendors, purchasers and developers across Victoria.

We ensure that our clients are placed in the best possible legal position from contract preparation, negotiation, and execution through to settlement. We mostly pride ourselves on our knowledge of applicable legislation, leading case authorities and our ability to quickly analyse our clients’ position. We take pride in producing carefully constructed contracts and provide clarification and dynamic advice during the critical stages of the transaction to protect you.

Legal Expertise

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We provide solutions, not just advice.

Speak to one of our friendly team members to see how we can help you today. 

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