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Melbourne law firm
Melbourne law firm

Resolving Disputes with Clarity and Confidence

Business disputes can cause disruptions and stress. Othman Lawyers provide a wide range of dispute resolution services to help find quick and effective solutions, reducing the impact on your business. Our team of experienced lawyers will support you through the process, giving you the necessary information and choices to make informed decisions.

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Melbourne law firm

Negotiation and Mediation

Not every disagreement needs to go to court. We advocate for considering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods whenever suitable. Our proficient negotiators can guide you through fruitful conversations with the opposing party, working towards shared agreements and favorable results. In cases where mediation is necessary, our seasoned mediators will assist in promoting positive dialogue and creating a setting focused on finding solutions.

Legal Expertise
Melbourne law firm

We'll Protect Your Interests in Court

Even though it’s always the last option, there are situations when going to court is vital to defend your company’s interests. The tough litigation team at Othman Lawyers has a plethora of courtroom expertise. We will painstakingly put together a compelling case, tenaciously defend your rights, and confidently lead you through the court proceedings. Even under trying circumstances, you will always feel empowered thanks to our constant support.

Legal Expertise


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